The One Wall

  • Number of Suspension Stations: 1
  • Total Functional & Suspension Stations: 2


The One is a single station, wall-oriented or self standing unit ideal for 1:1 personal training, physical therapy, and single exerciser use. It can be easily augmented with storage and additional training accessories as needs increase. The One configurations are ideally suited for smaller fitness studios or dedicated personal training areas within larger facilities.

Includes: Removable Training Bar, Floor Fixing 25, Mini Wall Bar 25 Kit 2 PCS White, Mini Wall Bar 35 Kit 2 Pcs White, Handle Extension (2 Pcs), Battle Rope, Plyometric Platform, Fixed Parallels, The One Wall Mounted Lean Base White, Strong ++, Up Strength (2 Pcs), Removable Lateral Rack, Universal Rack Element, Body Bar Rack (Kit 4 Pcs), Mat Rack Kit (1 CP), Superfunctional Bands (CP), Superfunctional Bar, Carabiner