X1 900 Bridge

  • Number of Suspension Stations: 5
  • Total Functional & Suspension Stations: 9


With the ability to easily attach, remove and reconfigure training accessories, The Bridge supports a dynamic variety of suspended body weight and functional group training. Modular storage optionals provide easy access to a variety of training tools.

Includes: Mini Wall Bar 25 Kit 2 Pcs White, Handle Extension (2 Pcs), Battle Rope, Black Box 125, Plyometric Platform, Mobile Parallels, Top Rack, X1 900 Bridge Lean Base White, Strong ++, Up Strength (2 Pcs), Curved Bar, 3M Horizontal Bar, Z Element, Accessories Plate, Removable Horizontal Rack, Universal Rack Element, Superfunctional Bands (CP), Superfunctional Bar, Pull Up Bar 2.0., Rubberized Bar With Plastic Lock, Suspension Abs Element (2 Pcs), Carabiner