Eleiko Para Powerlifting Competition Bar – 20 kg

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The Eleiko Disability Competition bar is the preferred bar for IPC athletes.
IPC certified. Lifetime warranty.


The Eleiko Disability Competition bar is the preferred bar for IPC athletes.
IPC certified. Lifetime warranty.

• 10 precision bearings and 215,000 PSI Swedish steel for superb performance
• Strong deep grip with IPC specified diameter of 28mm
• Lifetime warranty

A Bar for Professional IPC Powerlifting Athletes
Made with 10 precision bearings and the world’s purest steel from Sweden, the Eleiko IPC Powerlifting Bar is ferociously strong and stores elastic energy. It would take 215,000 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) to break it apart.

Standard bars have a tensile rating of 130-140,000 PSI.

Eleiko has been making barbells for the professional weightlifting and powerlifting communities for 60 years. Over 1,000 world records have been broken with an Eleiko bar, and now, we are proud to introduce a new generation of barbells that takes lifting to the next level.

Every bar has A story
Our next generation of bars has resulted from a combination of our engineering expertise within barbell manufacturing and feedback shared by users around the world. Made of ultra-clean Swedish steel, the new bars have a re-engineered, dustproof sleeve for greater longevity; refined knurling that caters for specific users; and optimized rotation for superior performance at all loads.

60 years of innovation
Since it’s start in 1957, Eleiko has been about pushing forward in everything we do. Never satisfied with good enough. Our company’s history is filled with historic moments and notable innovations that have helped shape the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting.

Eleiko’s strong yet flexible bars were the first to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional weightlifting. Our inclusion of needle bearings benefitted athletes with improved spin allowing them to rotate the bar more quickly for better performance and safety.

We introduced the first rubber-coated discs to international competition, an ingenious idea inspired by a bicycle tire placed around the rim of a weight plate.

Crafting the next generation of perfection
A crucial part of our new bars is the re-engineered sleeve design. This includes several improvements from the construction of the bearings, to our greasing processes and the inclusion of a dustproof sealing. The steps we have taken not only positively impacts the user experience, but the bar performance itself. Our new design minimizes wear on crucial parts, ensures that the sleeves remain cleaner for longer, and that greased components continue to be well lubricated for years with minimal maintenance.

Particularly essential to the lifting experience is the rotation of the sleeves, or the “spin”. This is an area that we have spent considerable time on perfecting. There is spin, and then there is our next generation spin. An important insight is that it is not what happens when an unloaded sleeve spins, the magic is what happens when the sleeves perform under load – it is about control and about connecting with the bar. The spin in our new bars is more controlled and the rotation more stable, which provides a more complete and precise lifting

An equally important part of a great weightlifting bar is the grip. Our bars are known for their firm but not too sharp grips, which allows for lifters to complete their lifts with complete contact and without any slippage. With the growing popularity of weightlifting, our next generation of bars offers more knurling options that are refined to meet the needs of specific user groups, without compromising the feeling.

The Eleiko steel is known for its unique characteristics, offering an exceptional balance of strength and flexibility that is optimized for lifting. Although still made from the same outstanding recipe, and without sacrificing any of our existing properties, we have nevertheless been able to make improvements to the steel in our new bars. With an improved hardening process and an enhanced surface treatment procedure, the steel´s strength and quality have been increased further. When performing a lift at one´s maximum capacity, the steel in the bar should work in unison with the lifter´s rhythm. We constantly work to perfect the flexibility of the bar while pushing the strength and quality of the steel to new levels.

The changes we have made add control, give users a more connected feeling to the bar throughout the entire lift and at all loads.

The Eleiko Feeling
Lifters frequently refer to the “The Eleiko Feeling” as the thing that sets us apart, a term used to capture the combined effect of our bars optimal spring or whip, their firm but not too sharp grip and smooth, accommodating sleeve rotation. With this next generation of bars, we have looked at all these traits, and worked tirelessly to make each one even better. From stronger steel, to refined knurling and a redesigned sleeve – the next generation takes everything you love about Eleiko bars and improves upon it. We refined processes, upgraded materials, and redesigned elements to enhance each one individually, but still made sure that when combined these enhanced traits create a singular product, with unparalleled performance. Eleiko’s next generation raises the bar on the “The Eleiko Feeling,” transitioning it to a unique experience that allows lifters to become one with the bar.

The ultimate experience
In the end, it is about creating the best bars on the planet and to always focus on giving you the ultimate lifting experience. That is our goal and new discoveries by our engineers, as well as constant changes in technology help us to pursue that goal. Our new generation of bars is about improving and optimizing in every aspect, we have incorporated everything we know about barbell manufacturing and weightlifting, in order to help and inspire you to achieve your optimal performance. Because, after all, the story behind the bar is about you and your connection to the bar.

Built to Last a Lifetime
At Eleiko, we use a proprietary steel treatment to make your bar even stronger and more flexible, so it can snap back to perfect form after each use. The Eleiko Chrome coating is similarly elastic to ensure a long and beautiful life for your bar.

Calibrated to Competition Standard
We engineer our Eleiko IPC Powerlifting Bars to full IPC Powerlifting standard and calibrate them to within millimeters and milligrams. With a competition bar nothing is left to chance.

Grip and diameter are especially designed for the IPC Powerlifting athlete.

As with all Eleiko bars, the steel is ultrasound and magnetic particle tested for perfect consistency.
Hydraulic jacks and five manual assessments make sure grip and sleeve construction is perfect. Each bar is imprinted with a unique identifier so every detail about its assembly can be tracked.

Lifetime warranty
Eleiko IPC Powerlifting Bars come with a lifetime warranty covering any manufacture flaw (but not normal wear and tear).

Warranty terms and conditions
To be dropped on 30 mm-thick rubber flooring (training platform recommended by Eleiko). Not to be stored with weights loaded on rack. Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

Article code: 3000224
Sold in unit: BY UNIT
Weight: 20 kg
Length: 2200 mm
Diameter: 28 mm
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Diameter of sleeve: 50 mm Feature