Life Fitness Axiom Series Dual Adjustable Pulley (OP-DAP)

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This multi-exercise machine offers nearly limitless strength training options. The Axiom Series Dual Adjustable Pulley is a centerpiece for individual workouts, personal training sessions, and small group training.

The inviting design with center positioned weight stacks has an open feel and narrow footprint to optimize valuable floor space.

The Axiom Series Dual Adjustable Pulley features an ergonomic pull-up bar that offers several grip positions, and 90″ of cable that allows for a wide range of user-defined movements and strength training possibilities.

The Axiom Series Dual Adjustable Pulley includes: one pair of long adjustable handles, one ankle strap and a triceps rope.

Key Features:

  • Full body movements are made possible by the 90″ of available cable/handle travel.
  • Ergonomic pull up bar with neutral, chin up, and pull up grip positions
  • Optimized weight stack position to minimize product width without sacrificing function
  • Accessories included: One pair of Long Adjustable handles



SIZE (L X W X H) 55″ x 56″ x 84″ (metric cm: 140 x 142 x 213)
WEIGHT 718 lbs (326 kg)
WEIGHT STACK 2 – 165 lbs (2 – 75 kg)
MAX USER WEIGHT 2 – 80 lbs (2 – 40 kg)