In a post-pandemic world, the average hotel and gym guest profile has changed. People want a more bespoke experience, more control and minimal disruption. How can you incorporate this into your offer?   Fitness products and brands travel with their customers. As fitness routines have become a daily lifestyle component for so many of us

Treadmill Console Buyers Guide: Top Quality and Design Features Buying cardio equipment is a lot like buying a car. It’s a major purchase most people make only once every several years. The market changes a lot between buys. And with sales of home fitness equipment up by triple-digit percentages since the onset of COVID 19,

Lower Body Training

Intro and Definition of Posterior Chain Effective glute training enhances performance both on and off the field, whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who likes being active. The glutes make up a piece of interconnected segments in our body collectively known as the “posterior chain.”  Many fitness and rehab

Since TRX® introduced Suspension Training to the world more than a decade ago, we’ve championed the idea that the TRX Suspension Trainer® can be a one-and-done tool. If you only have space for one piece of equipment in your home or on the go, the straps deliver a full-body workout. But the Suspension Trainer doesn’t

Why Choose a Kevlar Medicine Ball?

Take a look around the TRX® “weights” category, and you’ll see a lot more than just kettlebells and dumbbells: there are wall balls, slam balls, discs, powerbags, and weighted vests to spice up your workouts. Certain TRX tools, like medicine balls, even come in a Kevlar® upgrade option. At first glance, it may seem like

If your TRX Training ClubSM workout calls for Strength Bands, do you automatically know which elasticized accessory to grab? There are lots of bands in the fitness world, and most people don’t know which one’s which. That changes now. We’re doing a deep dive into everything you need to know about TRX Strength Bands, Glute

TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebells

All kettlebells are not created equal. It seems silly, right? A kettlebell is a ball of weight with a handle attached. It should be simple. But the best products come from repetitive testing and obsessive attention to detail. That’s exactly how TRX developed our Gravity Cast Kettlebells. That’s why we’re confident they’re the best kettlebells

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

The biggest obstacle to breaking in new workout gear is usually deciding where to start. So let’s alleviate that decision paralysis right now. When you’re looking for ways to begin working with your TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebells, turn to these four beginner moves. But first, Kettlebells 101 A kettlebell has more parts than you might

TRX Can Level Up Your Yoga Practice

When you’re a yoga newbie, finding your balance is a struggle. As the instructor gracefully transitions through swan-like movements standing on one foot, you’re precariously wobbling like a newborn colt. In those moments when you fall, it’s tempting to give up, but the TRX Suspension Trainer can help you build better balance to improve your

Want to Be A Personal Trainer?

Humans have a remarkable ability to observe someone performing a task and declare, “I could do that!” Abstract painting? No problem. Stand-up comedy? Of course! Leading a group fitness class? Can’t anyone? The reality, however, is that many of these jobs—like being a personal trainer—are far harder than they appear. The best trainers boast movement

Ways To Build Mental Strength

Moving on our Suspension Trainer always puts us in a good mood, but working remotely and not being totally sure about what’s going to happen next always looms over our minds.   Basically, it’s a lot. Good news is, the human spirit is indefatigable—we rounded up a few tips to help reframe your days and

Golfers at every level work with Trevor “TA” Anderson because he helps them optimize their bodies to hone their craft.   If you think it’s simply a matter of chasing gains at the gym, think again. As a TRX Master Trainer and Golf Performance Expert, Anderson doesn’t want you to think that strength isn’t important—a

TRX Tools Every Golfer Needs

Selecting the right tools can make a world of difference in golf, but the tools you need for a better drive or swing extend well beyond clubs, gloves, and shoes. The best golfers know that cross-training and recovery are critical to improving performance, and these TRX tools can help you level up your game. TRX

TRX® Workouts Every Runner Needs

We’re all born to run, right? We definitely are, except many of us spend our lives in office jobs, sitting in cars during heavy traffic, and other factors that all play a role in how our body responds to both running volume and intensity.   Training with your TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and other TRX weights

Wall balls and partner passes are great if you have a sturdy wall or a workout buddy, but they’re not the only moves you can do with a medicine ball.   This multitasking exercise tool is a superstar when it comes to strengthening your abdominals, and we’re proving it with these seven medicine ball ab

Why TRX® Weight Vests Work

Why Choose the TRX Kevlar® Weight Vest? You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”? It’s true. TRX Kevlar® Weight Vests are designed to be comfortable and built to last.   First, let’s talk comfort. TRX Kevlar® Weight Vests are fully padded, and have an internal cross-strapping system that prevents the vest from

Just when you thought there was only way to jump rope (aka, super fast), we’ve unleashed two jump rope experiences to liven up your cross-training and cardio—introducing the all-new TRX® Speed Jump Rope and TRX® Weighted Jump Rope.   Yes, you can cross-train with them using your TRX® Suspension Trainer™. Yes, they both provide a

Rethinking Your Facility Layout: Personal Cardio Spaces The pandemic has forced health clubs to rethink how they do things. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Adaptation can create fresh workout experiences for exercisers. Adequate space between exercisers is essential for the near term. Consider setting aside areas where exercisers can have their own personal

How To Create A Robust Home Gym When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Space You don’t really need a lot of room to create a great home workout area. Just a few square feet can be used to for a combination of cardio, strength and bodyweight training. A total-body workout space can even fit

How To Pick A Home Treadmill

How To Pick A Home Treadmill There are days when leaving the house or apartment feels like a chore due to bad weather, temporary aversion to your fellow man, etc. Those are times when we’re thankful for the existence of Grubhub, Netflix, and…the ability to work out at home.     If you’ve managed to