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Date & Time: 10 May 12:00
Registration: Free
Venue: Online - Live from UK & Dubai Studio

We are pleased to announce our first TRX online Showcase in South Africa.

In partnership with Evolve Fitness, Join us on May 10th for an online TRX experience. International Education and Training Manager, Nathan D'Roazario and TRX Senior Master Course Instructor, Danny Bartlett, will take you through a TRX workout to showcase how versatile the TRX Suspension Trainer can be for all fitness and health goals. They'll also be an opportunity to discuss further TRX Education opportunities, see a range of TRX equipment and any questions you have.

The showcase will take place at 12pm. Full schedule is below.

15 minute - introduction overview of TRX Training - history, edu overview.
35 minute - TRX workout - full body workout with specific moves for Rugby.
10 minutes - wrap up and Q&A

If you do have a TRX Suspension Trainer at hand you can join along with the live training but it is not manditory.

Please fill out the registration form below or email: to receive a Zoom invitation for the event. You will also receive a free information package about TRX Products and Training prior to the event.

Looking forward to hosting everyone at the event!