Hammer Strength Stackable Plyo Box

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Hammer Strength Plyo Boxes are rugged and durable enough to handle any athlete. Plyo Boxes are designed with materials, refined geometries and textures to ensure a safe and effective training session time after time


Build explosiveness and jump height by stacking plyo boxes or use separately to create a plyometric training circuit.

Made with form following function – each top facing surface is designed to help stability when jumping. The plyo box is made from a soft, ultra-dense foam center and slightly less dense outer core, reducing the hardness of edges; and it also has a 76x92cm landing area, providing space and stability for jumps.

They are covered with reinforced vinyal on all four faces, and the top has an anti-slip surface heat welded on for enhanced grip, less wrinkles and less slippage from sweat. Velcro and tabs are used to keep stacked boxes secure, but can also be easily tucked out of the way for quick customization.

Stack and securely Velcro together to provide a landing surface high enough to train max vertical jumps.


  • Thermally welded top facing anti-slip surface
  • Reinforced vinyl for less wrinkles and higher durability
  • Velcro and flaps securely lock stacked boxes together.

Heights: 7cm (3in), 15cm (6in), 30cm (12in), 45cm (18in), 60cm (24in)

Weight 25.4kgs 25.4kgs Varies by box
Corners Soft foam edges and corners Rounded, sanded Soft foam edges and corners
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 60 x 76cm (20 x 24 x 30in) 50 x 60 x 76cm (20 x 24 x 30in)
76 x 91 x 7cm (30 x 36 x 3in)
76 x 91 x 15cm (30 x 36 x 6in)
76 x 91 x 30cm (30 x 36 x 12in)
76 x 91 x 45cm (30 x 36 x 18in)
76 x 91 x 60cm (30 x 36 x 24in)
Surface Anti-slip vinyl Heavy-duty birch plywood Anti-slip vinyl
Interior Dense foam core Reinforced Soft, ultra-dense foam
Markings Large, visible jump heights displayed Large, visible jump heights displayed Large, visible jump heights displayed
Material Soft foam outer core Heavy-duty birch plywood Soft, dense foam outer core
Product Codes HS-PB-2000-01 HS-PB-1000-01 HS-PB-3000-02 (5pc set)
HS-PB-3001-01 (3″ box)
HS-PB-3002-01 (6″ box)
HS-PB-3003-01 (12″ box)
HS-PB-3004-01 (18″ box)
HS-PB-3005-01 (24″ box)

Note: Plyo boxes need to be on proper surfaces to reduce slippage and risk of injury. It is recommended that all plyo boxes are placed on rubber floor surfaces.